[Can one year old baby drink tea]_Children_Impact

There are many varieties of tea in China, and the effects of each kind of tea are different, so everyone who is drinking tea to maintain health knowledge must choose different teas according to their own conditions.

And in some scholarly family tea culture has also become a special culture, only adults want to drink tea, even the children at home also want to drink tea.

But can one year old babies drink tea?

Can babies drink tea? Children should not drink strong tea, because when the tea concentration is high, the content of tea polyphenols is too much, and it is easy to interact with iron in food.

Not conducive to the absorption of iron, and easily cause iron deficiency anemia in children.

Children, especially preschoolers, need only add some crude tea.

The content of tea polyphenols in crude tea is relatively high, which is very beneficial for preventing dental caries.

Of course, children drink tea appropriately and moderately. The younger the child, the more suitable. Do not overdo it, let alone strong tea and herbal tea.

Drinking too much tea causes children to increase their body water and increase their heart and kidney burden.

Drinking too much tea causes the child to be over-excited, which makes the heartbeat faster, increases the frequency of urination, and causes insomnia.

Don’t make tea for too long. It can be mixed with acid and protein to solidify and precipitate, which affects digestion and absorption, and reduces the child’s appetite.

Precautions for baby drinking tea Once drinking tea reasonably, tea is also beneficial to children’s health.

The general requirements are: a daily consumption of more than 2-3 small cups (each cup of tea is 0.

5 grams-2 grams), try to make the tea soup light and warm every day during the day.

1. By drinking light tea, it can supplement children’s needs for vitamins, proteins, sugars and inorganic substances zinc, fluorine and so on.

2. Appropriate tea drinking can reduce food and get tired, strengthen permeation and peristalsis, and promote the secretion of digestive juices, which can correct children’s oversaturation due to bulimia at any time.

3, tea “bitter cold”, has the function of clearing heat and reducing fire.

Children insist on drinking tea daily to avoid the hardening of stools and anal fissures.

4. The content of fluorine in tea is high. Children drinking tea or gargle with tea can strengthen bones and prevent the occurrence of dental caries.

Children over 5 and 6 years of age can regulate the nervous system if they drink tea in moderation. Tea also has various effects such as diuretic, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory.

It is generally believed that in order to supplement the necessary nutritional ingredients, drinking some light tea on the basis of rich nutritional foods, the concentration of which can be about that of an adult.